Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yama urges Madang people to back Peoples Labour Party

By TODAGIA KELOLA, Post Courier, 22nd March, 2012
PEOPLE of Madang have been urged to support their Madang-based party, Peoples Labour Party because the party’s policies and platform are based on Madang’s livelihood and lifestyle.
Government services such as schools, health, infrastructure and more importantly the deteriorating road conditions in Madang town are immediate goals for the party to solve.
The call was made by Peoples Labor Party Leader Peter Yama last weekend in front of thousands of supporters who had travelled as far as Raicoast all the way to Bogia and the border of East Sepik.
Mr Yama told the crowd that Madang had been neglected for a long time because elected leaders were from parties that are based in other provinces and that very little or no assistance is given to the leaders to bring back to their province.
“Parties from other provinces come and launch their parties in Madang and go away whereas PLP is for Madang and my appeal to you Madang people is to support the party and its policies because the party originates here and it’s for Madang,” he said.
His eldest son Emmanuel Yama will be contesting the regional seat while he will contest the Usino Bundi electorate. “PLP will be concentrating its effort in Madang and then moving out to other centres to assist our candidates from other parts of the country.”
He also stated that PLP will work with other parties either in the Somare Agiru camp or the O’Neill Namah Government.
“The party is going in to the election with the motto “friends to all and enemies to none”. We didn’t fare well in the 2007 elections but now we have learnt our mistakes and we will be going in to the 2012 Election with a bang” he said
He also used the occasion to explain his court battles including his referral by the Ombudsman Commission when he was the member for Sumkar.
“Leaders must respect the law and processes and procedures that are in place, take my case for example, I was referred by the Ombudsman Commission to a leadership Tribunal, I never interfered or tried to use the process to stop the Ombudsman Commission, instead I allowed due processes to take its course and because I know in my conscience that I did not commit any wrong I was cleared by the Tribunal, then the BSP Bank tried to take over my assets, I never relented and went to court for 10 years and in the end the highest court of the land the Supreme Court determined that I was right all along, this you see is the correct process and procedure.
“Leaders must observe and strictly abide by this if they want to be good leaders,” he said. During the party’s launching a song about Madang Province and PLP was composed by famous Central artist Mokai depicting the once considered beautiful Madang slowly becoming a pothole town.

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