Monday, January 24, 2011

Work resumes at Ramu NiCo project site

By JAYNE SAFIHAO, The National
Landowners of the Kurumbukari nickel cobalt project will meet with the Minerals and Resources Authority (MRA) in Madang today to discuss outstanding issues.
MRA acting general manager, Philip Samar gave an undertaking last week via a conference at Kurumbukari by Ramu NiCo management and landowners over the issues.
Last week, disgruntled landowners, trying to halt testing work to the Butua plant laid down their demands.
Commissioning work for the plants started last Tuesday during which three days were given to Ramu NiCo by landowners to conduct their testing of plants.
Part of their demands in a Nov 15 letter to the company were that land lease payments of more than five years be paid and include sub-clans who had contributed land, compensation
payments for pits that were dug for sampling and business development opportunities be given.
They also wanted Ramu NiCo to fasttrack its training and localisation programme and review the long overdue memorandum of agreement (MoA).
Landowners from the four major tribes, Maure, Nokomboi, Imburumba and Pagazi, were
confused last week when machines excavated top soil at the special mine lease area.
They converged on the site and stopped them.
The landowners told Ramu NiCo and its stakeholders that all statutory payments would have
to be made within 10 days.

Madang gets more support to fight AIDS

THE public and private sector in Madang have vowed to work together in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
The pledge was initiated at the Coastwatchers Hotel on Wednesday by representatives of Lae Builders & Contractors, ANZ Bank and Chemcare Pharmacy giving support to work alongside the public sector to fight the killer disease.
Madang district administrator Lawrence Pitor, who officially opened the one-day forum, said team work was crucial to stop the spread of the virus.
“HIV/AIDS is a national issue that needs to be addressed provincially and at district level. It is a cross-cutting problem that needs to be dealt with by everyone.
“Right now, awareness is lacking, partnership is lacking.
“Private sectors, maybe you are doing fine with your fight against HIV/AIDs programmes, but I am not aware of it.  We need to work together from here onwards, share information, communicate updates and work as a team in addressing this issue,” Pitor said.
He added discussions in the forum must be effected through the implementation of resolutions.
“The disease is at all levels of society that is why, it is important that today, we look at the way forward and work on resolving this issue in our province,” he said.
Provincial AIDS Council care, counselling and community support coordinator Conrad Wadunah said it was a significant development to have both public and private sectors networking to fight HIV/AIDS in the province.

DPM launches plan

 By JASON GIMA WURI, The National
PLANS and policies will suceed if the public serivce is effective and transparent.
This is the job of the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) which will be judged on these successes.
Public Service Minister Moses Maladina made these comments when launching DPM’s corporate plan 2011-15 at Crowne Plaza on Wednesday.
“I would like to acknowledge and also congratulate secretary John Kali and the staff of the DPM for your efforts in achieving this corporate plan.
“Obviously it is important for any organisation to have a corporate plan but what’s important for the DPM is that, as a central agency of the government, the department plays a vital role in the successful implementation of the government’s strategic plan.
“As the face of politics evolves, we will get a new generation of politicians and leaders who are well-travelled and educated who will be well-versed in government and business enterprises,” Maladina said.
“The demand that these people place on the public service will be different from what we have experienced in the past.
“They will be operating at a different pace,  driven by world standards.
“We are currently in a transitional phase and the public service will have to embrace this transition,” he said.
He said that the corporate plan is aligned to the Vision 2050 and also to the development strategic plan 2010-30.

Sir Michael clears air on Sunset Merona

The Operation Sunset Merona is at the request of the people of West Sepik through their provincial administration, according to Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.
Sir Michael in a statement said the rationale behind Operation Sunset Merona was to assist the provincial authorities address the different security issues at the PNG-Indonesia border.
Led by the Royal PNG Constabulary and assisted by the PNG Defence Force, this whole-of-government approach operation involves line agencies such as the Correctional Service, Customs, Immigration, Foreign Affairs and the Provincial Affairs departments.
“Respective agencies have also been directed to look at medium to long term strategies for the management of both our land and maritime borders.
“This combined security operation is aimed at reinforcing and maintaining State authority at this very strategic location and furthermore to renew confidence in our border systems and procedures,” Sir Michael said.
He said the National Executive Council endorsed this security exercise last month.
Sir Michael said the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council through the National Security Advisory Committee was coordinating this whole of government border security operation which would run for six weeks.

NARI predicts mega drought

By KARI TOTONA, The National
PAPUA New Guinea is predicted to experience a mega drought by the year 2013.
National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI) representative, Dr Raghunath Ghodake told the midday Talkback show on the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on Wednesday that about two million Papua New Guineans would be affected by this drought which was predicted to be much stronger and longer than the one recorded in 1997.
“PNG population at the time was 4.5 million and now it has gone up to 6.5 million.
“More people will be affected and that is why we are carrying out preparation work in the community to make aware of the control measures in place and the technologies available with NARI,” he said.
He highlighted the three important resources that could be scarce during the drought were Food, water and fire.
He said there were nine to 14 different lines of sweet potatoes, taro, yam, cassava and others that NARI was focused in the awareness programme launched in May last year to avoid health-related problems.
He said currently they were working in regional centres with church-run services, non-governmental organisations and individuals.
He said with the financial assistance from the government, NARI was able to take the lead in carrying out preparation work.
“In PNG most food are fresh so we are making awareness on food control measures on food preservatives.
 “This year is not too bad so there is enough time,” he said. 

Kapris still at Beon jail

 THE state has ignored court orders to move William Nanua Kapris to Bomana jail in Port Moresby for safety reasons cited in their own urgent application since last year due to lack of funds.
The application made on a Saturday by senior state prosecutor, Pondros Kaluwin, who is currently on leave, stated that for security reasons Kapris had to be quickly sent to Bomana and not be kept at Beon or be allowed to join his accomplices at the main compound.
According to Kapris’ lawyer David Dotaona, who did not seem surprised when told of his clients predicament, said: “What is the purpose of the application then if the state was adamant that he be moved to Bomana due to intelligence reports from the National Intelligence Organisation (NIO) that he would either be assassinated or aided to escape if kept at Beon by some outside accomplices.”
“Ask the Correctional Service Commissioner or Kaluwin why Kapris is still at Beon,” Dotaona added.


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