Thursday, May 31, 2012

PNG Job Connect launches Simon Sia Election Website

With PNG's election drawing nearer and nearer, nominated candidates have been trying their best in displaying their capability in marketing their leadership to the people for the delivering much needed services. 

One such candidate is a long time resident of Goroka, owner of Bintangor Group of Companies and proud sponsor to the Bintangor Goroka Lahanis, Mr Simon Sia. 

He is vying for the Eastern Highlands Regional seat and has contracted a local website developer (Mr Stanley Aisi - founder of PNG Job Connect - here in Madang who has developed his website ( in the publication of his policies. 

Such campaign strategies including the Print Media is one that is being used by many other Candidates in this year's general elections.


Brief history of Simon Sia 

The franchise owner of the Bintangor Goroka Lahanis, Simon Sia, is running for the Office of the Governor of Eastern Highlands Province (E.H.P.).
Please take a moment to go through his site and learn about what he will do for E.H.P. when elected.
Simon Sia is a long time resident of Goroka, E.H.P and a proud citizen of Papua New Guinea. He runs several successful businesses, including Bintangor Supermarket, Bintangor Wholesale, Bintangor Bakery, and Mandarin Restaurant.
He is a long time Sponsor of the BeMobile Cup and Digicel Cup champions, the Bintangor Goroka Lahanis. He also supports numerous other sports, charities such as the Red Cross, and development projects across E.H.P.
Simon is committed to working with the people, Open Members, and stakeholders to improve E.H.P.

Some of his policies in Brief are as follows;

• Focus on law and order (more support for police, village courts, as well as the law and justice sector)
•Youth development and training (job creation, sports, and vocational training)
• Infrastructure development (improved water supply, street lighting, more consistent power supply)
• Main market improvement (paving, installation of tables and covered areas)
• Improvement of public facilities and services (rubbish collection, upgrading of parks and gardens)

• Extension of free education up to grade 12
• Provide subsidy for E.H.P. students attending tertiary institutions
• Recruitment of new teaching staff to improve studentteacher ratio
• More classrooms and teaching facilities to reduce class sizes
• More funding for better resources in schools (textbooks, teaching materials, science labs, computers)
• Upgrading of school facilities (teachers’ houses, classrooms, equipment)
• Upgrading of sports facilities at schools across E.H.P.
• Equal opportunity for all children to be educated

• Recruitment of Specialist Medical Experts to E.H.P. hospitals, clinics and aid posts (better terms and working conditions for staff)
• Increased funding for rural clinics and aid posts
• Increased funding for new medical equipment at hospitals, clinics and aid posts
• Improved medical services (reduction in waiting time at hospitals, clinics and aid posts; improved availability of
medical personnel)
• Consistent supply of essential drugs /medicines at E.H.P.’s hospitals, clinics and aid posts

• Upgrading of the Highlands Highway and bridges in E.H.P. (pot hole repair, line painting, signage)
• Extension of roads into rural areas
• Regular upgrading of existing rural roads
• Funding for dedicated E.H.P. road repair personnel and equipment (graders, dump trucks, rollers)
• Road tolls for commercial users of E.H.P.’s roads to fund repairs and maintenance
• Increased road safety (regular highway patrols)