The National, Monday 26th March 2012
THERE was an air of unity during the peaceful protest march staged by students from the University of Papua New Guinea last Friday in Port Moresby.
The atmosphere was tense as the students united to oppose the Judicial Conduct Bill that was rushed through parliament last Wednesday.
They chanted: “Rausim bill, rausim bill, rausim bill (remove the bill, remove the bill” as they marched along Waigani Drive to Morauta Haus.
A five-page petition signed by more than 1,000 students was handed over to government officials.
Members of the public stopped what they were doing to watch the march.
Some clapped their hands and cheered on the marchers.
Curious onlookers in vehicles who were caught in the consequent traffic jam waved.
The protest was halted three times by police – but each time the students talked their way into continuing.
The second stop, just before the Institute of Public Administration, was a frightening experience as armed police men blocked the students.
But the students simply put their hands up in surrender and resumed their march as police backed down.