Thursday, March 22, 2012

Madang police: We could not contain crowd

The National, Thursday 22nd March 2012
POLICE in Madang said they could not contain the riotous behaviour of people on Saturday night that led to the stoning of a number of vehicles on Modilon Road.
The stoning incidents happened after 8pm when vehicles travelling on the arterial road leading into Madang had sticks, stones and bottles thrown at them.
A policeman, who was at the station that night, said many vehicle owners went to the Jomba police station demanding to know why police were not there to control the situation.
The policeman said there were more than 500 people had been walking down the road from a People’s Labour party 10th anniversary celebration held next to Smugglers Inn and police had not anticipated such actions. 
People’s Labour Party general secretary, Charles Locke confirmed the party held a 10th anniversary celebration near Smugglers Inn on Saturday but said all their supporters had been transported home by the time the missile-throwing incidents took place.
Locke said the celebration ended at 6pm when all their supporters left the venue.
He said none of the vehicle owners had come to PLP party executives to complain.
The incident happened between the hospital and the provincial administration.
Locke said that was close enough to the police station for police to notice and contain the problem.
He said party leaders, Peter Yama had been a victim as well as one of his vehicles was stoned that night.

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