The National, Thursday 22nd March 2012
THE National Research Institute has released a new booklet to improve the quality of teachers and their students in remote areas nationwide.
Research team leader and investigator Dr Eileen Honan said the booklet would provide teachers with an effective way to sustain their own professional learning without any assistance.
The booklet showed teachers how to enhance their learning and improve the quality of their teaching.
She said the research was based on a cycle of action that involved teachers identifying the problems they could solve, developing action plans to evaluate their progress.
“By improving the quality of teaching, we can improve the quality of education in PNG,” she said.
Honan said an important part of quality teaching “is ongoing learning where teachers continually work to improve their teaching to achieve better outcomes for their students”.
The booklet was a result of a joint research study completed by the University of Queensland, Australia, NRI and Deakin University.