The National, Thursday 22nd March 2012
POLICE at Ramu in Madang, will get a boost with the support of a local company through its tax credit scheme, provincial police commander Supt Anthony Wagambie Jnr said.
Wagambie said Ramu Agri Industries Ltd would provide some houses and boost police manpower apart from other help it had given police.
“We have had other assistance from them in the past and with the credit scheme, it will
not only boost our presence but bring back confidence in the communities in the valley,” he said.
He was speaking during a parade to 28 reservists who had completed their training.
He said this was on top of what had already been in place between the police and Ramu Agri Industries Ltd (RAIL) in terms of providing logistical support and resources.
RAIL acting general manager Ruari Macwilliam said they had helped local police with vehicle repairs, refurbishing houses and fuel
but needed more
police personnel on the ground.
Macwilliam said they were happy to provide such a service to create a better relationship with police in the valley.
Ramu has been recently hit with waves of crimes that have led to strikes by employees of a section of RAIL over conditions of employment.
But that has been taken care of with the engagement of Labour and Employment officers
to attend to the employees’ grievances while community policing officers from Morobe province visited compounds and settlements to address law and order issues.