The National, Friday 23rd March 2012
GRAND Chief Sir Michael Somare is saddened by the continued unconstitutional beha­viour of the Peter O’Neill go­vernment.
Speaking to people in East Sepik, Sir Michael said: “It is important for Papua New Guinea to immediately hold the general election to put an end to the barrage of unconstitutional acts, like the latest passage of the Judicial Conduct Bill.
“It is obvious that O’Neill and his followers are avoiding the judgment of the courts.
“But it is offensive and inappropriate to put self-interest ahead of the greater interest of Papua New Guinea.
“I would like to remind members of parliament that the people of Papua New Guinea gave them that privilege to represent them in parliament,” Sir Michael said.
“I urge them to stop interfering with the court process by making unconstitutional retrospective legislation.
“You cannot right a wrong using your numerical strength in parliament.
“They bring great shame to our democracy by their constant menace and meddling with the independence of the judiciary.
“We have done leaps and bounds as a people.
“We united under one country, one flag in 1975.
“We showed the world that despite adopting a foreign system of government, we have res­pected the Constitution that we had tailored to suit our diverse cultures.”