The National, Friday 23rd March 2012
THE recently-passed bill on the judiciary has been labelled as “criminal”.
The law has copped flak from the president of the women-in-politics branch in the highlands Dre Cecillia, president of the Southern Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berry Mini, anti-corruption and human rights activist Wilfred Kulno and Rabiamul ward councillor in Hagen urban LLG Jacob Michael.
Their general response yesterday was that the new law was not in the best interest of the people.
Kulno said the government’s attempt to control the judiciary was sending a bad picture to the world.
He said it was dangerous, criminal and only done to suit the agenda of politicians.
Cecillia said there was no awareness conducted to seek the opinion of the people on the new bill saying it surprised everyone.
She said the timing was not right and the people were suspicious because the Supreme Court decision on the legitimate government was pending in
And she said the national executive council had been trying to sack Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.
She said the new law was dangerous and tried to weaken a vibrant judiciary system the country has enjoyed since Independence.
Cecillia said it was corruption at its best and called on non-governmental organisations, student bodies, trade unions, churches and people to stand up and reject the new law.