Friday, March 23, 2012




Students at the University of Papua New Guinea boycotted classes today in protest over Parliament's passage of the controversial Judicial Conduct Bill.

And there's still uncertainty whether the boycotting will continue.


In a statement, the Student Representative Council President Emmanuel Issac labelled the new law as dictatorial, that will interfere with the Constitutional functions of the Judiciary.

The student council has put together a petition, consisting more than one-hundred points, for Parliament to rescind its decision.

Copies of the petition will be presented to Speaker Jeffery Nape, and Parliament-elect Prime Minister Peter O'Neil by the Student Representative Council, while other copies will be given to the 109 members of Parliament.

A Review of the Judicial Conduct Bill 2012

We, the students of the University of Papua New Guinea have met today in light of the actions of our National Parliament in regard to the passing of the Judicial Conduct Bill, which virtually gives Parliament the power to suspend Honourable Justices of the National and Supreme Courts. 

While we honour the pledge we made to support the O’Neill/Namah Government back in the Prime Minister’s September 2011 visit to THE Waigani Campus, WE IN THE STRONGEST OF TERMS DENOUNCE THE PASSING OF THE JUDICIAL CONDUCT BILL 2012. 

As educated Papua New Guineans we have discussed the Bill and its implications at length in forums sanctioned by the UPNG SRC. We have had our Law Students, Politics students, Public Policy Students and students from all schools of thought read into the Bill and offer their learned views on what this law will effectively mean for the future of Governance in Papua New Guinea.

And we have, in One Voice concluded that the Judicial Conduct Bill is dangerous and abusive of established Constitutional and legislative processes and Offices already in operation and force.
In this brief paper we will discuss the Bill’s substantive provisions and our concerns regarding to each.

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