Thursday, July 1, 2010


Source: Act Now PNG newsletter

George Ireng, the very brave young man behind the Ramu mine anti-marine tailings disposal campaign, yesterday, led a peaceful protest march in Madang against the governments draconian amendments to the Environment Act
Despite attempts by the Governor, Arnold Amet, and PNGs Attorney General to make the police stop the protest
, people defied the orders based on their own legal advice
and the police made no arrests.
This is the first successful peaceful protest in direct resistance to the Environment Act amendments.
Oro is set to proceed with its own March on the 19th of July and other centres will follow.
Here are some text updates sent direct from the streets of Madang during yesterday’s protest:
9.30am March is ON - 500 DWU (Divine Word University) Students turned up bright and early - many many many other people too apparently - but I am just so proud of those kids from Divine Word - it is so GREAT that they have an interest in having a say about THEIR future - people have just been so - oh well what can I do to change things - and these kids are standing together - HEROES !!!  
10.30am So the protest started at the Oval and the Governor turned up and said that's enough now, all go home - so the good protesting people of Madang turned around and started the MARCH towards the provincial government building - police have kindly diverted traffic.
11.00am As the protesters got up to the courthouse, police had blocked the road on the Governor's Orders (??) and are not allowing the protesters to march the extra 500m to the Provincial Government Building where the march is to end. Peacefully. Why? Is someone trying to provoke the protestors into pushing thru the barriers to make the final 500m and get arrested in the process?? Don't bite, people of Madang - see thru this tactic ! 
11.15am Incoming news - Police decided to remove barriers - so people have marched that extra 500m to Provincial Government Building and speeches are now taking place. Marchers and Madang police, I salute your composure and maturity in peacefully resolving the situation with the barriers.
We will have photos and media reports up on the ACT NOW! website tomorrow. 
As Juan posted in a comment on the ACT NOW! website
just a few hours ago, and as Georgs Ireng and the people of Madang have shown today:
What we need is the people, we are the ultimate power on which this nation has its foundation. Togther, if we stand, we will bring the long awaited Change
For now, we congratulate everyone on their efforts so far and we wish you all a peaceful evening

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