Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free medical for Usino-Bundi

Picture, courtesy of: The National

MORE than 2,000 people from Kurumbukari in the Usino-Bundi district of Madang have received free medical treatment and medical check, courtesy of a joint effort by Ramu NiCo and a district medical team.
In the one-week health extension programme on July 12-17, the medical team  visited Ramu project impacted villages of Enekuai, Sibai, Danagari, KBK camp, Banu, Ganani and Ramu project SML areas, all in Kurumbukari.
The medical team comprised two local medical doctors and two nurses from Usino hospital, KBK hospital and Walium health centre accompanied by Dr Yang Yan from Ramu NiCo and Dr Wu Yougen from contractor MCC Shijiu.
They treated more than 2,000 villages with skin diseases and malaria as well as conducting awareness on tuberculosis, cholera, high blood pressure, breast feeding, and malaria and birth control issues.
The team was equipped with posters, portable tables and desks, examination beds and other medical facilities and conducted medical examination and treated or prescribed applicable medication and treatment.
KBK mining department under Ramu NiCo project places great importance towards medical awareness and treatment for the local communities.
The idea to carry out the program came after a long discussion between general-manager of mining department Deng Hengbo and his deputy Mei Ming and Guo Deming.
Ramu NiCo executive vice-president Gu Yuxiang also directed other related departments to support the programme.
Ramu NiCo community affairs organised the programme with transport, medicine, allowances and food throughout the week.

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