Thursday, July 1, 2010

Madang fire results in all lose for NGO


DRESSED in a grey polo shirt, shorts, thongs and clenching his mobile phone in one of his hands, he walked into the office, looking forlorn.
I knew exactly why, as I knew the organisation he worked for occupied one of the offices in the complex which had been razed by fire early Wednesday evening last week.
Drawing up a chair, he sat down, took a deep breath and said, “we’ve lost everything and are now reduced to nothing”, but in the same breath added, “our files may have been destroyed but the vision is still there. All we need is help.”
Joe Egu, founder of a non-government organisation called People Living with Higher Aims, a group made up of people living with HIV/AIDS, said he and his staff had lost everything.
“We lost everything, our three desktop computers, files and the unfortunate thing is that we did not keep any back-ups,” he said. “The staff including myself are still at a loss, I have been walking around today like a zombie.
“While our files may be destroyed, the vision is still there and that is why I am here to see you to get you to help me, get help so that we can continue the work we have been doing,” he said.
Anybody willing to help can contact the administration officer Scholar Chapok on 71600594 or Mr Egu himself on 73845422.

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