Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maintain excellent performance, cops told

 By ZACHERY PER, The National 
POLICE officers engaged to provide security for PNG Power’s Ramu hydro-scheme in Yonki in Eastern Highland’ Obura-Wonenara were urged to maintain their excellent performance.
Eastern Highlands police commander Chief Supt Augustine Wampe personally visited his officers in Yonki last week to provide the encouragement following adequate security for the plant.
“They are placed in a position to protect an important asset of the State which supplies electricity for the entire highlands region with Momase’s Morobe and Madang provinces.
“Please maintain your current high level of performance. You are here to promote and provide security not only for the plant but also PNG Power employees and their families,” Wampe said.
He lauded them for the exceptional performance that ensured no major disruptions to the installation.
Wampe, however, told his men not to leave Yonki unnecessarily and without permission from the ground commander.
“If you want to operate at your own accord, you are in the wrong place. You will be shipped out if you disobey orders and protocols,” he warned his officers.
Security to protect PNG Power’s installations in Yonki were stepped up after disgruntled Arona Valley landowners threatened to disrupt operations at the plant over compensation claims.

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