Thursday, July 29, 2010

K25 million Chinese grant for Ramu road

By PATRICK TALU, The National 
THE Chinese government yesterday announced a K25 million grant for the construction of a 20km public road in the vicinity of the Ramu nickel project in Madang.
The fund was made available at the request of the Ramu nickel and cobalt project developer Ramu NiCo.
Ramu NiCo president Luo Shu told a Port Moresby media conference that the road would be built from the Usino junction to Yamagi in the Ramu project’s Kurumbukari mining area.
“I am proud to announce the additional commitment Ramu NiCo has negotiated from the Chinese government for the benefit of the people of the project area,” Luo said.
“This grant is an indication of China’s commitment to the project and to PNG and is welcomed by the project owners.
“We look forward to working in close cooperation with all Madang citizens in promoting the sustainable development of this province’s significant natural wealth.
“We want to ensure that the people enjoy the benefits brought about by the project.”
Luo said China viewed Papua New Guinea as a place of opportunity and its commitment to invest remained paramount.
She expects construction to start as soon the government signed the necessary papers.
The road is catered for in the current memorandum of agreement Ramu NiCo signed with the national and provincial governments and the resource owners and the project developer.

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