Friday, June 8, 2012

Vote along party lines, says Amet

The National, Friday 08th June 2012
MADANG regional MP Sir Arnold Amet said it was important to vote for candidates along party lines.
“Voting along party lines is important as it is the parties that will form the government,” he said.
“Election is a fight to form government.”
He told a Sepik community at the Biliau Maus settlement  that they must not vote for leaders who would go into parliament to make bad decisions affecting the constitution and the people.
He said to vote for them would be a “moral sin”.
He said people should elect leaders of political parties who would stand firm to defend the constitution which protected the rights of people.
He said people should refrain from voting for those who behave like “yoyos” and jump from one party to another.
People appreciated what he said and vowed to support  the National Alliance Party return to power as the current government was using heavy-handed tactics to suppress those upholding the constitution.

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