Thursday, June 21, 2012

Madang police to be deployed

POLICE personnel in Madang will be deployed into the districts starting this week in preparation for polling and counting the province’s top Superintendent Anthony WAgambie (Jnr) says.
Supt Wagambie said all officers had been slotted into the various districts last week during a briefing and are set to leave this week for the polling stations they have been assigned to.
He said for the 2012 National General Elections they had only been assigned four hire cars and one motorised dinghy in which to carry out their operations. This he said was a big cut to the previous elections but was quick to add that this would in no way hinder him and his officers from ensuring that the elections in the province are “fair, free and safe.”
“…We will do our best to ensure the elections are free, fair and safe for the people of Madang with whatever resources we have,” he said. He said of the four vehicles that had been assigned to police, one would be used by the Rapid Response Unit, the other in the Madang Open electorate while the other two, to Usino/Bundi and Bogia districts. He said Madang police were also expected to take delivery of a boat issued by headquarters adding that this would further boost the work of police not only during the election period but for its normal operations.
He said the boats had already left Port Moresby and are expected in Madang on Tuesday.
The PPC said he was pleased to report that campaigning in the province had been progressing very quietly with no major incidences being reported.
In making these comments he commended all candidates and their campaign managers for this achievement.

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