Friday, June 8, 2012

O’Neill stole government from Sir Michael Somare, says Agiru

The National, Friday 08th June 2012
SOUTHERN Highlands governor Anderson Agiru has told a political rally in Madang that Peter O’Neill and Belden Namah “stole the government from Sir Michael Somare”.
He said they had to breach the constitution to do that and the people must question them for their action.
The leader of the People’s United Assembly was speaking at a rally for his candidate William Banjoe at Laiwaden Oval. His other candidate is Anton Kulit who is contesting the Sumkar open.
Agiru said the actions of the O’Neill-Namah regime to usurp power in Aug 2, 2011, seriously questioned the integrity of their leadership qualities.
He said the people must not believe in their “sugar-coated” policies of free education and free health care which were unsustainable.
“Nothing is free in this world. We introduced subsidised education in Southern Highlands when I first came to office in 1997,’’ he said.
“But we stopped it.
“Parents became lazy and children did not perform in schools.”
Agiru said although O’Neill was a fellow Southern Highlander, “I did not support him because they broke the constitution”.
 “In my life, I fear two things: one is the constitution and the other is God,” Agiru said.
He said because of the politics, “Southern Highlands leaders are divided and Hela leaders are divided”.

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