The National, Thursday June 21st, 2012
POLLING officials in Madang were yesterday surprised after being told that they could not vote in the general election.
Madang Open district returning officer James Apimia spilled the bad news to polling officials gathered yesterday at the Yomba Hall.
When asked by one of the officials if they could use postal voting since they would not be at their polling stations, Apimia said the electoral commission had done away with the system.
He said the postal voting system allowed a lot of foul play and double or triple voting and had to be scrapped totally.
“Postal voting is no longer an option considered by the Electoral Commission as previous experience of the misuse of our own privileges was rife,” he said.
Insp Wesley Tetanga, the security commander in charge of the elections, said one only one police officer would be allocated to each polling station.
This is despite the assurance by provincial police commander Anthony Wagambie Jr that police were all set for the elections.
Tetanga could not clarify whether it would affect the 97 locations in the four local level governments.
He said most of the police officers would be deployed to the remote Usino Bundi area.