Friday, March 11, 2011

Parents query Sir Arnold’s policy

The National - Thursday, March 10, 2011
Parents and students of Bundi, affected by former Madang governor Sir Arnold Amets free education policy, are asking him to clear the air over the announcement he had made.
The call came after nearly all primary schools in Bundi district – Bundi , Yanderra Snopas and Danagar Primary – informed The National that the schools were on the verge of closing down.
According to Bundi Primary School board chairman, Vitus Kianuga, whose son is doing Grade 12 at Brahman who was among other students were sent home two weeks ago to look for the balance of the full K700 fee, said yesterday that Sir Arnold needed to come out clear on what the status of his promise was as he had thrown the district into confusion.
“We depend on project fees and if none is forthcoming, then, we will have to close down,” he said.
 “Sir Arnold has to come out clear and tell us what is going on. Parents are saying the government will pay and are not paying up.”
According to Kianuga, there were more than 50 elementary schools throughout the villages and children were now attending free classes putting a strain on the teachers and school boards.
“By force we are allowing the school to run,’ he said.
Snopas school headmaster, John Yombai said that elementary schools had started but the primary school had not due to the same reasons.
Bundi Primary School parents citizen association chairman John Bau said that it looked like the four schools would close because of non-payment of project fees.
“Brahman is on Bundi soil and why is it that our children have to suffer like this while children from other districts continue? If Sir Arnold does not come out and clear the air, then, the other primary schools here are likely to close,” Bau said.
Sir Arnold’s electoral office when posed this question yesterday, did not come back to confirm their stand, but is understood to be “still sourcing funds” for the commitment made.
The commitment which was made last year was unfortunately over-looked in this year’s provincial budget.
The other problem still facing the district is the bad road condition forcing schools to spend extra in paying carriers to either transport school materials and stationary or pull a bogged car out of the river.

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