Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pundari happy with Madang visit

MINING Minister John Pundari said he is happy to have met Rai Coast landowners in Madang last week to listen to their views on Ramu NiCo’s deep sea tailings placement (DSTP) system which is subject of National Court hearing this month.
Pundari said in a statement that although the people expressed their frustrations and concerns on the DSTP, lack of government commitment in the project, especially in fulfilling the memorandum of agreement (MoA) socio-economic development programme (SEDP) commitments, the Land Titles Commission hearing and the promised Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS) independent report on the DSTP, the people from the coastal pipeline area to Basamuk refinery site fully supported the project.
“They have clearly expressed that they need this project to see some form of development taking place in Rai Coast district,” he said.
The minister was also concerned that there were a lot of misleading information being circulated and people were misunderstanding of the whole DSTP system.
He challenged the NGOs and anti-DSTP groups to come with their facts, data and scientists and debate the issues concerned for the good of our people.
“To this date, no one has come forward to the national government and clearly explained the consequences of DSTP and outlining the possible alternatives with scientific backing.
“The only thing the government has received so far is the tongue and media lashing but no concrete evidence from the anti-DSTP groups.
“There are two existing mines (Lihir and Simberi) and one closed (Misima) that use the DSTP system.”

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