Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kapris to stand trial in Madang

By JOSHUA ARLO, Post Courier
HIGH profile robber and convicted criminal William Kapris is expected to travel this month to Madang to face trial for the armed robbery of the Bank South Pacific Madang branch.
He is expected to appear before Justice David Cannings at the National Court in Madang.
State prosecutors confirmed in court with Justice Cannings last month at the National Court in Waigani that arrangements were being made with authorities to have Kapris in Madang before August 10, the expected trial date.
Four other co-accused remanded at the Bomana jail with Kapris will also travel for the same case. They will join nine other suspects allegedly involved in the same robbery who are being detained in Madang.
More than K2 million was stolen from the bank on July 5, 2008 when a gang held hostage bank workers and escaped with a nine hour head start before police were alerted.
This began a massive man hunt by police who caught him travelling with a group to the Aroma coast in Central Province 13 days later.
All the accused are charged with using violence and stealing K2,407,315.35 from the Madang BSP branch manager when armed with dangerous weapons.
He has still to face trial in connection to the armed holdup of the rural BSP Kerema branch in the Gulf Province which was done two months before the one in Madang.
The gang split in two, with one in Port Moresby to kidnap and hold hostage children of a bank executive as others went to Kerema to get co-operation to access the monies.
It is understood that more than a million kina was stolen.
They escaped to Port Moresby via a dinghy and by road.
Police allege that Kapris is the brain behind these two Hollywood-like bank robberies.
He was on the run after escaping from the Bomana jail and allegedly committed these crimes, plus the armed robbery of the Metal Refinery Operations (MRO) in which several gold bars worth more than K2 million and a substantial amount of cash was stolen.
He pleaded guilty to this robber and was sentenced to five years.
However the National Court, using its discretion, suspended the sentence and imposed a three-year good behaviour bond on him when he is released from prison.
State prosecutors have filed a Supreme Court challenge against the National Court’s decision on penalty which is still to be heard.

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