Thursday, July 4, 2013

Asian Cheap Labour Tactic at Work - Madang

 By Naith N. Lati


 This is Kris from Enga and he is married with 5 children and lived in Madang for more than 10years. He started working with Mamosa Development Ltd (100%Asian Own Company)since 2000 as a shop guard and became one of the utility employee of the company as years passed by. Told me that may have left the company due to poor working terms and conditions of the company but due to his low literacy level being one of the major obstacles to secure a new job, he remained loyal to the company till now. He is the driver, the yard clearer and general labour of Mamosa properties in Madang. I have never discussed with him about his per hour rate and will find out soon as he does more than what is expected and delegated.

One thing that pissed me today and why I interviewed him was, I saw him with bush/grass knives clearing undeveloped land owned by Mamosa. He told me the one man/director/
owner is 'trying to kill me with work'. He has been working on 4x Undeveloped areas covering some hectares with bush/grass knives just cleaning. I saw him working at the undeveloped land at Kupiaru next to 4Square Hostel and stopped by to find out why in the most pressing heat is this highlander doing.
The logical item missing here is so disgusting to comprehend. Its within Madang township and a million Kina company is allowing his employee to sweat in the heat with grass/bush knives. How much does it cost to purchase a petrol powered grass cutter or hire out a tractor/lawn mower to do this work??

I view this as a punishment not an employment and deprivation of rights to work in conducive environment.
Otherwise, this is clear indication of slavery and abuse of our vulnerable people working with Asians in Madang and PNG.

In regards, I will write a letter to the owner of Mamosa Development Ltd to make his work environment conducive by providing him the right tools to work.

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