Monday, May 2, 2011

Madang boat mishap claims one

By ROSALYN EVARA, Post Courier
ONE man is dead and two others, including an 11-year-old girl have been admitted to the Modilon General Hospital with serious injuries following a boating accident over the weekend.
While police have yet to release an official report regarding the incident but it is understood the accident happened between 6:30-7pm on Friday just off the Madang Harbour.
Reports received are that one of the boats involved was loaded with passengers who had finished work and had left the boat stop behind the Madang Butchery supermarket in town, headed for the DCA area.
The other boat is said to be owned by a local businessman and which was full of a group of men who were allegedly drunk at the time.
Reports are that the boat with the passengers was nearing the JANT boatstop when another boat allegedly travelling at very high speed rammed into and over them.
It is understood that one of the crew members of the passenger boat died instantly after receiving cuts to his head caused by the blades of the propeller which had been at high throttle.
The girl sustained injuries to one of her shoulders while another male passenger to his head and chest.
All three were rushed to the hospital where two are now recovering.
It is understood the men responsible for the accident and their immediate family members have gone into hiding.
This is for fear of retaliation by the relatives of the boat crew who died.
Police are investigating the incident.
Meanwhile, one resident from the DCA area is counting his blessing after making the decision to delay his trip just to wait for some of his friends who had decided to call into a waterhole to pick up their drinks.
He said he had made his way to the boat stop but decided to delay getting on the boat until his friends showed up.
He said because it was already dusk he was not able to see far but became aware that something was wrong when he heard a loud bang just across the harbour.
He said a similar incident had happened a couple of years back and had resulted in one death.
“Drinking driving is becoming a real problem even at sea and something needs to be done about this problem as well,” he said.

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