Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tigers name two train-on squads for selection trials

The National - Thursday, February 24, 2011
AFTER false starts in the semi-professional rugby league competition, the inter-city cup, the pride of Morobe, Lae Snax Tigers are seriously preparing for this year’s Dicigel Cup.
Tigers team manager Justus Rapula yesterday announced two training squads for the selection trials next Sunday to select the final 22 players for the challenge.
The squads, Team Grean and Team Gold consist of players from the former Lae Bombers, Simbu Warriors, Masta Mak City Rangers and Toyota Enga Mioks.
Rapula said the company through its biscuit brand, Snax Biscuit, was serious about lifting their performance this season to restore some lost pride for the people of Morobe.
It is also understood the 22-man squad will be housed and employed by the franchise owner for the duration of the season.
The franchise owner has also bought a 25-seater bus to transport the players for training sessions and to the venues for their matches.
Team Green boasts of Wanpis King, Peter Pyala (Mioks), Kerry Tapako, Mai Tom (Rangers) while Gold have James Meninga (Warriors) and David Loko (Mioks).
Rapula said they had some of the players were selected from the Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup competition for the trials.
CCIC chief executive officer and Lae Gold coach Timothy Lepa said that the Tigers used the tournament to select their train-on squad.
Tigers are the second franchise to use the tournament to pick their players for the inter-city competition.
The Ipatas Cup was initially designed to help the Mioks pick outstanding players to represent the province in the inter-city cup challenge.
Lepa said he was confident Lae Gold will give their opponents a good run for their money when both teams clash next Sunday.
Team Green: Russ Kaupa Jr, Lawrence Goive, Moses Ombun, James Pologau, Michael Gawi, Jordan Wau, Mark Mexico, Tom, Sydney Fred, Kehof Mape, Alku David, Dama Philip, Baxter Tagu, John Kamina, Bernard Pes, Yoba Nimem, King, Pyala, Tapako, Norbert Torato and Augustine Reu.
The side will be coached by Joe Verani and David Alua (manager).
Team Gold: Amos Mini,Wanpis King, James Gend, Joe Wemin, Manu Gairo Jr, Iron Ate, Mathias Sekum, Loko, Meninga, Benson Joel, Manik Maipa, Elizah Tipaul, Russel Penias, Junior Belo, Martin Yand, Alfie Nima, Nixon Kohi and Isaac Aiyo.
The coach for the side is Timothy Lepa, Samson Timson (team manager) and Dennis Miall (trainer).

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