Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Call to work with cops

By PORENI UMAU, Post Courier
RESIDENTS in Madang have been urged to co-operate with police to combat crime and not criticise them.
This message came to the fore after two senior public servants took a swipe at police in Madang citing delay in response to an incident last weekend where 46 vehicles were stoned by drunken youths from Public Tank.
Madang Provincial Police Com-mander Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr hit out at the two public servants, after they fronted up at the police station last Saturday evening and complained to the duty officers for not being quick to act.
He said that most of the policemen were attending to a fight at Bogia over the weekend when the incident occurred.
Supt Wagambie said police in Madang were down with manpower and resources including vehicles and fuel. He said police were stretched to the limit where many officers did not change shift but continued when off duty.
He said the public should appreciate that they had their rests while police officers worked from Sunday to Sunday where they had to face welfare problems because their families hardly see them at home.
He said that police were also short of radios and officers on duty had to fork out K50 to K60 every day out from their pockets to buy credits for their mobile phones to do police duties.
Supt Wagambie said policemen had to fight it out in trouble areas and come up without any arrests because leaders were unwilling to give up the trouble makers.
He said that for this reason, people should think first before taking a swipe at police.
He said that his policemen were committed and put their work before family obligations and leaders such as the two senior public servants who live in trouble areas should help police by talking to the youths to leave such misbehaviour.
Supt Wagambie said that community leaders, councilors and mothers should speak out against illegal home brewing and consumption, marijuana abuse, hold ups and petty crimes but instead protect their children.

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