Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ramu tailings plan less risky

THE Ramu-nickel environmental plan was prepared by Natural Systems Research, a widely respected Australian environmental consultancy company with many years experience in the mining and natural resource sectors.
This environmental plan was based on a comprehensive range of terrestrial and marine field investigations and environmental studies carried out by Natural Systems Research’s consultants.
The Department of Environment and Conservation assessed the environmental plan in 1999.
As part of this assessment, DEC commissioned several independent peer reviews of the plan in areas in which they did not have the specialist expertise to conduct a diligent, critical and expert assessment of the environmental plan.
One of these areas was the assess-ment of the proposed deep-sea tailings placement system (DSTP). The DEC commissioned Dames and Moore, an international consultancy company with wide experience in the mining and waste management sectors, to carry out the independent assessment of the proposed DSTP system.
The recommendations of the Dames and Moore (1999) independent review were that the environmental risks associated with a marine mine tailings disposal system were acceptable and lower than a land-based tailings retention system.

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